Germany have developed technology that builds on the traditional Kachel ovens which have been used to heat German homes efficiently and effectively for hundreds of years.

Special fire clay ceramic, with embedded elements, built into a sleek and modern radiator that is simply plugged into a normal radiator socket.

Kachel ovens…

For hundreds of years traditional German and Austrian houses were built around a large central chimney called a Kachel oven. This chimney was finished with a lining of decorative ceramic tiles, which were up to 5” thick.

At the end of the last war and with little viable infrastructure left standing, Germany recognised that their manufacturing industries would have to operate 24 hours a day and that the night storage heating found in both British and German factories before the war would be useless, workers would simply freeze to death on cold winter nights.

It was then realized the best solution would be to adapt Kachel technology to solve the problem. These new heaters contained a very special fire clay ceramic, known as chammote, with embedded and sealed tungsten elements.

In Germany today these quite amazing radiators are actually chosen in preference to central heating for both industrial and domestic environments.