German Radiators

rad-39North West Heating Solutions acknowledge the growth in popularity of the highly sophisticated German storage radiators which we believe offer very significant running cost savings over more traditional night storage heaters.

We are the sole UK supplier of this unique product and any company in the UK who provide these popular radiators buy them directly from us.

If you’ve seen or even had a demonstration of German storage heaters you’ll already know how controllable, technically advanced and simple to operate they are. German made 24 hour electric storage systems are widely acknowledged to be the best quality electric heating system available anywhere in the world.

We have a wide choice of completely MAINTENANCE FREE radiators at the best prices.

Our heaters are NOT night storage heaters

Night storage (economy7) can’t predict the weather! Do you have them on in Spring and Autumn or turn them off and possibly rely on expensive back-up heating? Or turn the input and output dials down and hope for the best?

There’s no way of accurately predicting tomorrow’s outside temperature. Even in summer the nights can often be cold.

You may find that some rooms in your home may not be used every day or their use may be unpredictable, an ordinary heater has no way of knowing. With our German storage heaters this isn’t a problem, even if they are not on a timer, they reach at full operating temperature within a few minutes.

What about bedrooms and bathrooms? You probably don’t need heat throughout the day but with an Economy7 heater you HAVE to have it on to keep you warm when you go to bed or have a bath on an evening. This is no problem with German heaters because they can either be PRE-TIMED to come on only when you want then to or you simply just switch them on when you enter a room.

Sometimes you may need a boost to your economy7 storage heaters during the day to keep them topped up for the evening (Economy10) and that’s costing you even more money, and we’re always seeing back up heating which may well be costing another 30p per hour on top, for just one 2 bar electric fire.


Each radiator has its own thermostat, controlling the radiator by constantly monitoring the room temperature. Immediately when the thermostat detects a lowering of room temperature, it switches the heater back on to give precisely the correct amount of energy to raise the temperature to your pre-selected setting. For your home, hotel, church hall and other public places there are other wonderful features.

Alongside RCE SERVICES UK, we can arrange for the radiators to work in conjunction with a movement monitor, so the radiator will only come on when someone enters the room and go off again when they leave. Or the option of a radio controlled times which can be set to drop the radiator temperature when you aren’t around but need some heating for your pet or delicate plants whilst you are out.

What’s inside our radiators and why?

You probably won’t be surprised that we think German storage radiators are a major technological step forward. They represent the bulk of our sales to domestic and commercial users are possibly the fastest growing electric heating solution in the UK.

Our German storage heaters have the ability to continuously generate and conserve heat within the heater core. This is achieved by a series of up to 20 heat plates of a very special material known as Chamotte set within the radiator. The Chamotte blocks not only store heat but also heat up very quickly, so electricity draw down is low. Independent testing in the UK and Germany demonstrates the low running costs.

Each heat plate has its own coiled element nestling inside. Immediately the power comes on, the element starts to get hot, and in turn heats up its own Chamotte storage plate to its maximum in an astonishing 5 minutes. Traditional night storage heaters take 7 hours to achieve maximum heat storage.

Why our German radiators are different

Every day we’re asked what makes our radiators different from other German storage radiators. One of the biggest differences is the quality. For example the ceramic blocks in our radiators are VERY different. Others may have Indian manufactured ceramic blocks where the embedded heating element is simply sealed in by back-filling with cement, others may have a European manufactured block but crucially, due to the cheaper specification, they are porous.

Our blocks are specially manufactured using only the very finest quality ceramic, which not only can withstand decades of constant use but are 100% non-porous. This may appear not to be very significant BUT it is a crucial implication for many of our professional customers including some of the largest social housing providers nationwide.

DSC_0248Although they are far more costly to produce this is a highly critical aspect of our commitment to supply the best. In our damp British climate, poorer quality ceramics found in other German storage radiators literally suck in moisture from the atmosphere during periods when they are switched off for some time, especially during the summer months.

When they come on in the autumn the water ingress can cause the radiator to short circuit the house electrics and can also create rusting in the inner casement. Buying from North West Heating Solutions gives our many thousands of happy customers peace of mind….

Difference between our product and other products sold as “German storage radiators”

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Efficiency and performance

Please see our test results and case study page

Test Results

These tests have shown that to heat a large living room on a cold day with a 2kw German dynamic storage radiator to a steady and comfortable 71 degrees Fahrenheit, 21 degrees c. the required electricity draw down was for 17 minutes every hour, (whilst the outdoor temperature was a very cold MINUS 7 degrees centigrade.)

So for 8 hours of heating only 2 hours and 16 minutes of power input was required.

At 12p per kilowatt hour that calculates out to just under 55p, or just under 7p per hour or £3.85 per week. When the required room temperature was reduced to 16 degrees centigrade, the electricity consumption was for only 10 minutes in the hour thus reducing energy usage by 40% to £2.31 per week.

AND THIS WAS WHILST THE OUTDOOR (AMBIENT) TEMPERATURE AVERAGED MINUS 7 DEGREES C. (But please remember that everyone’s home and requirements differ so results may vary)