About Surveys

When South East Heating Solutions was created we thought long and hard about selling our products online. We know it’s the 21st century and everybody seems to be doing it, but we felt that it wasn’t for us. There are over 60 sizes of radiator available, and it is essential to fit the correct sizes. To do this we take an enormous amount of information, including:

  • property construction material and insulation levels
  • room type (bedroom, lounge, etc)
  • room volume
  • glazing
  • the direction the room faces
  • number of outside walls
  • siting of the radiator in the room

We then accurately calculate the correct size and kilowatts required using our mathematical formulae, and specify exactly what is best for you and your home.
We prefer to visit customers personally for absolutely no charge and with no obligation to buy, so that we can asses your individual needs, explain in person exactly how our German storage heaters work and advise on the best system for you.

What customers say about our surveys:

Did you find your initial survey interesting and informative, if so, why?

“Yes! Learned quite a lot “
Mr C

“Yes, well presented”
Mrs R

“Yes. Especially being able to turn on individual radiators not “all on” or “all off” like before”
Mr and Mrs K

“Yes, very honest ”
Mr. B

“Yes. Had not heard of these radiators before and the “warm-up” demo was most impressive”
Mr. R. E

“Well explained by agent”
Mrs. W

“We were given detailed information on how the heating should work and why our current heating didn’t achieve the objectives”
Mrs M

“Talked about how the radiators work and what sizes I would need. I found out about them in the newspaper and asked them to call”
Mrs H

“Yes, very well explained”
Mr D

“Yes very much so, because of the great amount of knowledge it was easily explained”
Mrs C

“It was interesting to find out how they worked and the volume of air they heated”
Mrs P

“Because I could not see how the heating could be cheaper than night storage until it was explained”
Mr. R

Mrs H

“Didn’t wish for a demo as my daughter had seen one elsewhere”
Mrs. J

“Yes, very helpful and everything made clear.”
Mr and Mrs T

“Yes, we had no idea how they worked before etc”

“Yes, very impressed with the salesman, interesting history and clear concise information”
Mrs W

“Yes. Description of heaters history, manufacturing and correct positioning in home”
Mrs M

“Yes, couldn’t wait to get the old night storage heaters out and the new heaters in”
Mr & Mrs W

“Yes, impressive demonstration”
Mr W

“Yes – Explained in detail”
Mrs L

“Yes. Given information on use and installation. Questions answered.”
Mr & Mrs W

“Yes. Explained in a logical way”
Mr and Mrs K

“I was told all I needed to know”
Mrs P

“Yes, full and informative.”
Mr K

“Yes, convinced that storage heaters were a thing of the past”
Mr J

“Yes. Bringing the demo tile really helped to get the perspective of how much heat can be delivered”
Mr and Mrs H

“Shown exactly how it works”
Mrs B

“Yes, product and expected performance discussed in great detail”
Mr L

“It showed what was wrong with our current useless heaters.”
Mrs V